The Friday Five: 1

Happy Friday! I am going to start something I am calling “The Friday Five.” Each Friday, I will be sharing my top 5 things from that week- things I did, things I’m looking forward to, favorite links, funny pictures, just whatever I feel inspired to share! It will be a way for you to get to know me and I hope you play along and share some of your favorite things in the comments.

1. Seeing my best friend from freshman year. This past weekend I got to see one of my very best friends! We lived in the same hall freshman year, but she ended up transferring to go to nursing school. We have stayed in touch and are still great friends, but it had been over 3 years since I last saw her. We had a ton of fun catching up, drinking margaritas, and eating may too many baskets of chips and salsa!Laura and Sarah

2. This amazing sale at LOFT. 40% off the entire store?! Can I please have one of everything?

I love this peacoat (now I just need to travel someplace cold to wear it)

Boiled Wool Peacoat


and this dress!

Paisley Jacquard Flare Dress

3. If We Were Actually Honest on Snapchat. This article from Buzzfeed is embarrassingly accurate for me. Number 4 pretty much describes my lunches on a daily basis.

4. Holiday Gift Market. I am in The Junior League of Tampa and we just had our 11th Annual Holiday Gift Market, which is our biggest fundraiser. I loved spend my weekend there volunteering (and shopping of course)! It is always such a fun event and really gets me in the holiday spirit. Once again this year we broke the record for number of people through the door, which was very exciting for us!

Holiday Gift Market

5. Red cups at StarbucksI always get so excited when Starbucks brings out the red cups- it means Christmas is coming! Yes, my coffee does say “Cat Lover” haha. My coworker and I both got funny names because it’s always so fun to hear the baristas shout out the names.

Starbucks Cup


What did you do this week that was exciting?

What are you looking forward to?

Where is your favorite place to shop?


2 thoughts on “The Friday Five: 1

  1. ahahaha so jealous of your “now I need to travel somewhere cold” comment– ummmm I’m staring out the window and it is SNOWING right now. Can we swap locations for a week? You can wear the peacoat and I’ll get to wear shorts 🙂


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