The Friday Five: 2

Happy Friday!! Anyone have exciting weekend plans?? I do!! (which I will talk more about in this post).

Welcome to the second installment of The Friday Five! Here are a few things I am loving this week/looking forward to! I would also love to hear about your week/weekends in the comments.

1. My Birthday. My 25th Birthday is on Monday. How did I get so old?! This weekend I am celebrating with some of my best friends. I have known these girls since childhood and we are still super close, despite living in different cities.

We will start off with dinner at one of my favorite Mexican places, Green Lemon, and then see where the night takes us from there, but any night that starts off with chips & salsa and margaritas is bound to be a good one!

Girls' Night with Melanie, Marissa, and Michelle, the last time we were all together
Girls’ Night with Melanie, Marissa, and Michelle the last time we were all together

2. 5 Routines to Clear Mental Clutter. With our smartphones and iPads attached to us at all times, it is so hard to take a break and we constantly feel stressed. This article has some really great tips that I think we can all benefit from.

3. These AMAZING cookies. Thanks to Tina at Carrots n Cake for this great idea! Check out her blog for the recipe. I made mine with peanut butter, chocolate soy milk, and semi-sweet and white chocolate chips. They will probably all be gone by tonight haha.

Pancake Cookies

4. Christmas decorations. I was at my mom’s house earlier this week and she was starting to put out Christmas decorations. She goes all out with decorating and transforms the whole house into a Winter Wonderland, but she has always been a strong believer in waiting until after Thanksgiving to decorate. I have always thought Christmas decorations should go up November 1st (okay, so maybe that is a litttttle bit early) so it’s an understatement to same I am excited she started early this year.

5. This Infographic. Here is a snippet that I found particularly interesting. Check out the whole thing for some other interesting facts about food and happiness.

Food and Happiness InfographicWhat was the best thing you did this week?

What are you doing this weekend?


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