Birthday Celebrations + A Trip to the ER

Happy Tuesday! Well I guess today is more like a Wednesday since tomorrow is like Friday or something like that, either way I am extremely thankful for this short week!

3 Day week

I had an interesting birthday to say the least. It started off like any normal day, going to work, not wanting to work since it was my birthday, and then leaving a little after lunchtime.

I went to my mom’s house and got to see my grandma, who is in town for the holidays. For dinner, my mom made her DELICIOUS white chicken chili. It was a very relaxing birthday, which is just what I needed after the crazyness of the weekend.

Of course the pup wanted to come home with me. Sorry bud, maybe next time!

His eyes look extra creepy with the flash.
His eyes look super creepy with the flash.

Just as I was falling asleep, I got a call that my sister had sliced her finger and needed to got to the ER and get stitches. Luckily, it wasn’t more serious, but that meant we had to wait and wait and wait. Fours hours and eight stitches later, we were finally able to leave.

Side note: I have never been in the ER, but it is a great place for people watching and I entertained myself by making up stories about why each person was there. Yes, I am aware I am strange.

Tonight I am excited for the Birthday celebrations to continue! I am going to Roux, which I have been wanting to try since it opened a few months ago, with my mom, sister, aunt, and grandma. I LOVE trying new restaurants eating in general.

Birthday Week

What was the most exciting/interesting/random thing that happened to you yesterday?

Have you ever been to the ER?


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