Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! Can you believe there are only 10 days until Christmas?! And I’m still nowhere near finished with all my shopping. My Christmas shopping has consisted of buying one gift, buying 5 things for myself, repeat. Oops.


I had a very relaxing weekend. Saturday and Sunday mornings I volunteered at the Holiday Tent at Metropolitan Ministries. I love being able to do that every year. I feel it’s really important to give back and the kids I was working with are super adorable! I also got a picture with Santa so that obviously made my day haha.


Saturday afternoon I went to Tarpon Springs with my sister and grandma. It’s this super cute area on the water that is known for the sponge docks and Greek influences. We browsed some antique stores and I debated getting this hat. What do you think?!


Then my cousin met us for dinner at this delicious Greek restaurant, Dimitri’s. I had a yummy Greek salad with shrimp, it was the perfect combination of what they are known for (Greek food and seafood). Of course I wanted to end the night by getting a treat from the delicious baker across the street. I chose a humongous elephant ear and it was just as amazing as I remembered it!

After finishing up my volunteer shift on Sunday, I did a little Christmas shopping, then went for a run. The weather was absolutely perfect and I was reminded why Florida winters are so great!

I headed to my mom’s house for dinner and when I got there, she was doing yard work and the puppy is absolutely terrified of all the noises so we spent some quality time cuddling under the counter. He seriously would not leave that spot until she was done and he kept his head hidden and was shaking the entire time. Poor thing 😦


Of course I baked some more. This time it was Oreo Balls and Red Velvet Cake Balls. Mmm.


I was really excited that ABC Family was playing The Grinch last night as part of their 25 Days of Christmas. I love that movie every year! And I got a super awesome idea for how I am going to do my hair for Christmas Eve, which my family decided to make Tacky Sweater themed this year! I’m sure you can guess what I am doing…stay tuned for pictures!

Now I’m off to wrap some presents so my tree doesn’t look so lonely.

Is there anywhere special that you volunteer during the holidays?
Does your family have a themed Christmas or Christmas Eve gathering?
Anyone else slacking on Christmas shopping this year?


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