The Friday Five: 3

Happy Friday!


Hope you all had an awesome week and are ready for a fun weekend! Anyone have any exciting plans? Going to any holiday parties? I went to one last night and have two more this weekend.

I have been seriously slacking on The Friday Five, but I’m back at it this week!

1. Documentaries on Netflix. Total nerd alert, but I have been so into documentaries this week. I watched one called Hungry for Change and the first episode of a Ted Talk called Chew on This. Both were very interesting and addressed some of the big underlying problems of the obesity epidemic. Maybe I’m a little strange, but I’m fascinated by stuff like that!

2. Sweet Potatoes. I am addicted. Seriously cannot get enough of them. I’ve been eating them with lunch almost everyday.


I am also thinking about making this Sweet Potato Crust Quiche for Christmas brunch!

3. Holiday Parties. Last night I went to a Holiday Party for my Junior League Fundraising Committee. I love the other women in my committee and had such a fun time catching up with them. There was a ton of great food and the hostess made this delicious Pomegranate Champagne Punch that I must get the recipe for!


4. 19 Puppies Who Already Found Their Christmas Presents. Maybe I’m just a little obsessed with pictures of puppies, but these are adorable!

5. Volunteering at Metropolitan Ministries. I love being able to give back to my community and am so fortunate to have had so much time to spend at the Holiday Tent this year. And I just love the kids, they are adorable!



Tell me something exciting about your week!
What are you doing this weekend?


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