Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend! Anyone do anything exciting?

I can’t believe Christmas is this week!! I feel like it just snuck up and I’m not at all ready. I’ll be spending most of the week helping my mom prepare for Christmas brunch (we have 18 people coming, crazy!!) and baking tons!


Friday night my friend Michelle and I went to Redneck Wine Company for their (free) Friday night wine tasting. I was sad to hear that this was the last one that will be free. Then we went next door to Pane Rustica for dinner. I am a huge fan of restaurants that give free bread, be this one gave HUMMUS with the bread. We were in heaven! Then we headed to Ceviche for some sangria, before meeting up with Marissa and her boyfriend, Brad.


Michelle and I ended our night snuggling on my couch, watching Love Actually, and eating (more) hummus and cookie dough.

Saturday morning I woke up early to volunteer at Metropolitan Ministries. I was rushing to get there on time when Michelle called me and said she had locked herself out of my apartment. Luckily I was pretty close so I turned around and let her in and then rushed back and barely made it in time. It was almost time for my shift to end (or so I thought) and I looked at the schedule to see who was taking my place and I saw my name. Turns out I was scheduled at 11:45 and not 8:15, so all that early morning rushing was unnecessary. I am glad I was there early because there ended up being someone who did not show (that’s why I never even noticed I wasn’t supposed to be there yet). Needless to say I was exhausted by the end of the day and had to take a power nap and chug some coffee before heading out for the night.

Melanie and I took a selfie in front of the Christmas tree before going out.


Then we headed to our friend Lauren’s Christmas party. It was a ton of food and the food was awesome (of course I am always most excited about the food).



After the party, we went to a couple bars in the Soho area. It was a ton of fun and I love being able to see my friends who don’t live here anymore. I miss the days when we all lived in a 2 mile radius.


Sunday I was up early again to volunteer. This time I actually showed up for my correct shift, but did end up staying for an extra one after.

Sunday evening I went to another Christmas party hosted by some of our family friends. It was a very nice party with more good food (of course) and good company. Overall it was a very fun and festive weekend!!

What dis you do this weekend? Any holiday parties?
Have you ever showed up extremely early or late for a volunteer/work shift?
What are you doing this week to prepare for Christmas?


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