Thursday Randomness

Good afternoon! Hope you all are staying warm! I’m freezing over here, although I shouldn’t be comparing since this is a heat wave compared to the test of the US.

I woke up wondering why my room was freeeeeezing, then checked the weather and saw this:


Maybe I should start checking the weather more often so I’m not always blindsided by these cold runs.

After chugging some much-needed coffee, I decided to brave the cold and go for a short run. I was freezing when I first stepped outside, but I put my headphones in and listened to a Ted Talk and before I knew it I was wishing I had worn a more light weight shirt.


In other news, I got my hair chopped off yesterday. I actually had it done and did not attempt to do it myself this time haha. She went shorter than the picture I showed her, but I do like it! And I know it grows fast so at least this way it won’t got that “awkward trying to grow your hair out length” anytime soon. Here is a before and after:


How are you staying warm on this cold day?
Anyone trying a new haircut for the new year?


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