The Friday Five: 5

We made it to Friday! Woohoo!! Anyone have big plans this weekend?!

Rebecca Black

In traditional Friday fashion, here are some of my favorite things from the week!

1. Two things I’m really behind on in life…Foam Rolling and Compression Socks. For months (over a year?), I have been telling myself I need to invest in both; I read all about them, knew I needed to add both to my life, but I just never got around to purchasing either (they’re not even a huge investment, I just would get distracted and forget about it…typical). Well I got both for Christmas and I am so glad I am finally being introduced to these amazing products!

I had always hurt that foam rolling can be kind of painful, but is it weird that I really like it? Like it’s a good pain, I know I am getting really awesome benefits from it. Also, it’s perfect to do while I’m watching TV (so I don’t feel like I am a lazy bum when I binge watch Netflix).

Compression Socks

2. Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray. My hairdresser used this on me when she cut my hair this week and it. is. amazing. I have the thickest, most untameable hair ever and I dread blow drying it because it takes forever and still ends up being an afro and then I have to spend even more time flat ironing it. This spray seriously cut down on blow dry time (which me on it immediately because I am SO impatient) and left my hair feeling smooth with minimal frizz!


3. Genghis Grill. I went there for the first time for lunch on Wednesday with my mom. I had never heard of it, but someone had given her a coupon, so we decided to try it out.

From their website:

Legend has it that during their conquests, Genghis Khan and his men grilled food on their shields over an open flame. In much the same way, our Grill Masters grill your combination of fresh ingredients and stir fry them to perfection on our sizzling hot grill. It’s a centuries-old tradition you can enjoy only at Genghis Grill – the Build Your Own Stir Fry.

It was very cool. You choose the size bowl you want and then pick your meat and season in, then load it up with the veggies, then choose a sauce. You then walk over to the grill and tell the “grill-master” which type of starch you would like and he grills it up, then it is delivered to your table!

I chose chicken, loaded on all the veggies (carrots, onions, peppers, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, literally everything haha), picked the roasted tomato sauce, and had it grilled with the udon noodles. It was delicious and I feel like it was the perfect portion size. Bonus: they have a lunch special where you get a medium size bowl and drink for $7.99

4. My Sister-In-Law’s Lonely Christmas Cards. This woman was the only unmarried sibling and her parents kicked her out of their Christmas card, so she decided to send out her own. They. Are. Hilarious. Why did I not think of this first?! Well my family may still be getting some of these in the future.

5. Marissa is running her FIRST EVER Marathon. Sappy post alert. I am SO proud of all her hard work and dedication, especially during the holidays. I have no idea how she was squeezing in 2 mile runs, meanwhile all I was doing was marathon eating. She is going to rock it and I am so excited for her!! Bonus: she is carb-loading now, so I told her I would “help” tonight. AKA I will just be excessively baking and eating snacks.

What is your favorite hair product?

What’s your favorite thing to eat before a race?


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