Gasparilla Half Marathon

Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I have been seriously neglecting my blog, but I’m back now!

Today I ran the Gasparilla Half Marathon. When my alarm went off at 4:30am, all I wanted to do was roll over and sleep forever, but I forced myself to get up and as soon as I was out of bed, I was ready to run! I walked to the starting line, which is about a mile from my apartment, so it was a nice warmup. I quickly found my pace group, and waited (impatiently) for the race to begin.


With a 6am start, the first few miles were pitch black. I kind of loved the early start because I was still half asleep so my body didn’t realize how completely insane I was. The first five miles of the race go around Davis Islands, which has some beautiful homes, and the next 8 are an out and back along the beautiful Bayshore Boulevard. There are tons of spectators with some pretty funny and inspiring signs throughout the route and there’s even music along the Bayshore part. Overall, it’s a really awesome atmosphere and such a fun race!

Side note: if you have never seen this article about a women who takes selfies with a hot guy at every mile of her half, you have to check it out! I was inspired by her and attempted to get selfies with 13 hot men. Looking back on the pictures, some of the men were extremely old, so maybe I need to work on my hot guy selfie game haha. Regardless, it definitely kept me entertained.


I was feeling great during the first half of the race, but around mile 8 I started to hit a wall. If I had just been out for a run on my own, I would have stopped to walk at this point, but I wouldn’t let myself and just powered through. The rest of the race had its ups and downs, but I just kept pushing on. Multiple times during the race, I told myself this was my last half marathon ever, but after spending some quality time on my couch this afternoon, I’m ready to sign up for another one!

Right before crossing the finish line, I saw my mom, sister, and her boyfriend with this amazing sign.


Anyone who knows me knows that Mean Girls is my all time favorite movie and I quote it way more often than is socially acceptable, so they could not have made a more perfect sign!

Up until they saw me, they had this side up:


I was so happy when I crossed the finish line and got this awesome medal!


Even with the rough second half, I still finished in 2:04, so I was happy about that! Obligatory post-race selfie:


After the race, we went to Pinky’s for a delicious breakfast, then I came home and took a glorious nap. Now I have just been eating all the food, trying to refuel. Oh and this happened (I’m addicted):


Anyone else run a race this weekend?
What’s the funniest sign you’ve seen at a race?
What’s your favorite post race meal/snack?


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