Entertaining Myself for 13.1 Miles

Happy Monday! Hope you all are having a nice morning! I’m still recovering from my race. I love the day after a race because it is a great excuse to take a day off from working out and continue eating all the food.

Running 13.1 miles takes a long time and a ton of random thoughts pop into my head during that time. Taking selfies with hot guys definitely helped keep me entertained. I feel like there were points I was laughing hysterically to myself and no one around me had any idea why. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. I thought it would be fun to share the randomness that was going through my head at each mile of the race, through the help of hot guy selfies.

Mile 1: Oh no my sister’s house is coming up, I need to somehow get to the other side of the road so I can see her. How am I going to cross in front of all these people. Okay, I’m just going for it, they may hate me but oh well. HI sister! Keep running. According to the race map, I should have already passed mile one, but why didn’t I see it. Oh well, I’m just taking a selfie and hope there is a hot guy somewhere behind me.


Mile 2: I feel like I just took a selfie, probably because I did. Well now I actually know I am at mile 2. Can’t type when I run so “Mike 2″/”Mile 2” same thing.

IMG_2052 (1)

Mile 3: Hot guy ahead. Must take a selfie with him. Must sprint so I can get in front of him. Picture is dark, cant’t even see him, and now I’m exhausted from sprinting. Okay, I need to slow it down a bit. Omg I’m dying.


Mile 4: I feel so much better now. No more sprinting to hot guys. I will just have to use whatever (whoever) is around me. Perfect, there is a guy right behind me. Snap selfie. Oh crap, he saw. And now he moved to the opposite side as far away from me as possible. I’m a creeper.

IMG_2051 (1)

Mile 5: Just ran over the bridge for the second (and final) time. So glad that is done, but now I’m dying again. There’s tons of spectators at this point, they totally see me taking a selfie. No shame.


Mile 6: I’m feeling awesome. I could run forever. There are no hot guys around me, so this gray-haired gentleman will have to do.


Mile 7: Over half way finished, still feeling pretty good, but can tell I am definitely slowing down at this point. It’s okay because I started off super fast, so it will all even out. Clearly unable to take a selfie at this point.


Mile 8: Okay, now I am dying. Ugh still almost a mile until the turn around point. Omg. Dying. Hi man in spandex!


Mile 9: Never saw the mile 9 marker. Was dying.

Mile 10: I hadn’t seen the mile 9 marker, but I was 99% sure I had passed it (or else I was seriously going grandma speeds). I see a mile marker coming up and I am just praying it is mile 10 and not mile 9. Phew, mile 10. This man looks like he is dying just as much as I am.


Mile 11: Sooo close. Only 2 more miles, I can do this. Hey, man in all black.


Mile 12: I got this. One. More. Mile. This is my personal fave because clearly at this point I was not even trying to find a hot guy, just any male. Naturally I found the one who has an obsession with lime green. It’s kind of perfect because I also love lime green.


Mile 13: No selfie, I saw my family at this point with the awesome sign, so I was too busy waving to even try to take a selfie.

What do you think about to keep yourself entertained while running?

Do you take selfies/text/snapchat/instagram while running? I try, but I clearly need to work on my skills.


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