Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday! Sorry I went MIA again. I’ve been crazy busy with school and work, but I’m back today with some Thursday randomness.

This past weekend I was at my mom’s for Easter. Ever hear she hosts brunch and this year we had 22 people!! I think that’s a new record. I did a lot of the cooking – breakfast casserole, French toast casserole, carrot soufflĂ©, stuffed mushrooms, and brownies (I had too much fun decorating these).

In addition to my contributions, we also had a ham, deviled eggs, asparagus, pear salad, cucumber sandwiches, okra roll ups, cheese blintzes, pineapple stuffing, coconut cake, and the most delicious carrot cake from Wright’s Bakery. To say I ate a lot is an understatement. But it was all oh so delicious!

I also got to see some of my best friends from high school. I was so excited they came into town for the weekend. We spent Saturday laying out on the dock tanning and gossiping just like we used to do in high school.

Side note: Michelle and I have been friends since kindergarten. That is 20 years, how crazy is that?! I love how now matter how far apart we live or how long it’s been, nothing ever changes.

I’m one of those weird people who loves dressing my dog up, so here he is dressed like superman. He hates playing dress up, but I love it!

Sorry this is the most random post ever!

What did you do for Easter?

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

How long have you known your oldest friend?



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