The Friday Five: 8

Happy Friday!! Who else is excited for the weekend?!


I’ve been seriously slacking with my blogging and it’s been MONTHS since I have done a Friday Five, but I’m back today with some of my favorite things lately!

1. Free coffee at Panera. I went to Panera yesterday to get some work done and enjoy a cup of coffee. The lady working was so sweet at gave it to me for free! Side note: I gave up coffee for lent, so I was oh so excited on Easter when I was finally able to drink it again! Let me tell you, that was a LONG 40 days. For the past 10 or so years, I have given up sweets each year, but this year I just decided to try something different.

IMG_22642. J.Crew shorts. I live in these during the summer. And although I already have about 8 pairs, I want more. It’s kind of a problem. I have my eye on the neon watermelon and seamist right now. My trick to buying so many of them is to never, ever pay full price. The most exciting time was when I bought a couple pairs for $8 each at an outlet!

3. The Tampa Riverwalk. A couple weeks ago, they opened a new section of the Tampa Riverwalk, which goes along the Hillsborough River. I went with a couple friends the night after it opened and it was super cute! They had a pop-up bar (the first one in Tampa) and it was just a beautiful view. It was randomly cold the night we went and our Florida bodies weren’t ready for that, but I can’t wait to go back on a warmer day. I really love that Tampa is building all these new, fun things! I’m always looking for new things to do besides just the usual bars, and I absolutely love anything that’s outside.


4. Trader Joe’s Powerberries. Oh.My.Gosh. These are amazing. If you have not tried them, you need to, but be warned, you will want to eat the entire bag in one sitting. My mom bought them to put out along with all the Easter candy and I am pretty sure I ate about 90% of them. Forget regular Easter candy, I just want all the powerberries. I kept telling myself they were “healthier” than candy. Haha that’s a joke. But omg are they delicious!


5. Peeps S’mores. How delicious does this look?! This is the perfect way to use all those leftover peeps (not that there is anything wrong with just eating them because that’s what I’ve been doing all week oops). My friend, Marissa, and I made a similar s’mores dip a while ago, but this one with peeps just seems so much better because it’s colorful so I am sensing a baking day in our future


What are some things you are loving this week?

What are your plans this weekend?


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