Weekend Update + Boston Marathon

Happy Marathon Monday!! Anyone else have the Boston Marathon live streaming while “working”? My friend, Grace, and I have been texting as we are watching it all morning. Clearly neither of us are being very productive haha. I would love to be there one day. I don’t think I would ever want to run it, but it would be so much fun just to to be there and cheer on all the runners. Grace hopes to qualify one day, so when that happens I will definitely be there with obnoxious signs, cheering her on!

And bar hopping with her afterwards

Anyway, here is an update of my weekend in pictures + one sentence!

Started the weekend with happy hour!


Saturday, I said goodbye to my childhood home 😦


My mom is moving, so we finished helping her pack up everything.


So many memories on this lake.


I have never seen my bedroom so clean haha.


Jake isn’t too sure what is going on, but he does love the new house!


Sunday, Marissa and I enjoyed the sunshine by the pool.

We decided chips and salsa + bread pudding from Miguel’s was a great idea for lunch haha.


Now I’m off to try to get some homework done. Aka just continue watching the marathon. Oops. It really should be a holiday for all of America, not just Boston.

Are your watching the Boston Marathon?

Do you know anyone running?

What did you do this weekend?


The Friday Five: 9

Woohoo we made it to the weekend!! Anyone have exciting plans this weekend?! Mine will probably consist of hanging with friends, soaking up some of this beautiful Florida sunshine, and eating (but when does my life not consists of eating haha).

I’m going to jump right into some of the things I am loving this week:

1. 17 Absurd Things People Believed As Children. Thank you Buzzfeed for always keeping me entertained when I’m supposed to be working. Number 12 was a very real fear for me haha.

2. Jason’s Deli. I always forget about Jason’s Deli, but when I go, it is so delicious. I love the salad bar because I can just load up my plate with so many yummy veggies and they have some awesome toppings like sunflower seeds and nut mixes and granola. Oh and the best part, is that there is free froyo. Anyplace that serves free froyo automatically wins my approval. Yesterday I got salad bar to go and was able to fill this container for under $5! Obviously I crammed as much as I could into it and it was oh so delicious!

FullSizeRender (1)

3. Rollerblading. I don’t even remember the last time I tried rollerblading. Probably when i was about 8. I did recently find a letter to Santa asking for rollerblades, so I had to be in elementary school. Anyway, I always see people rolelrblading along Bayshore and it looks so fun and seems like a great workout, but I didn’t want to invest in a pair of rollerblades and then end up hating it. My mom just so happened to have a pair that she never uses so she gave them to me! I haven’t actually tried them out yet, but I plan on doing that this weekend, so stay tuned to see how that goes (there is a good chance I will fall flat on my face haha).

4. Going through random stuff from my childhood. My mom is in the process of moving, so I have been cleaning out my room at her house. Along with the hilarious letters to Santa, I also found quite a few school projects, lots of old pictures, and what I like to call my “nerd awards” aka Math League trophies and certificates. One of the funniest projects I found was like an ‘About Me’ type thing and one of the questions was ‘It annoys when when…’ and I wrote ‘my mom and sister tease me about liking Andrew.’ What a stressful life I had in middle school haha.

IMG_2366 (1)
I would like to say my handwriting isn’t as slanted now, but I’m pretty sure it is worse haha.


It has been so fun to take a little trip down memory lane. Oh and I found my baby teeth. Why my mom felt the need to keep those, I have no idea, but it made me laugh.

5. Peanut Butter on Sweet Potatoes. Thank you Monica for sharing this brilliant idea (side note: I love that she loves peanut butter just as much as I do). Sweet potatoes and peanut butter are probably 2 of my favorite foods, but I never thought to combine the two. This is seriously an amazing combination. If you haven’t tried it, do it!!

I sliced my sweet potato into thin pieces, baked at 400 for about 30 min, melted some peanut butter, and drizzled on top.

What are some things you are loving this week?

When was the last time you rollerbladed? <— Is that even a real word because spell check is telling me no.

What’s the funniest thing from your childhood that you saved?